The Most Colorful Places on Earth

Lose yourself in color in these landscapes around the world, from pink lakes in the Caribbean to the neon lights of Tokyo.

You can find color wherever you go, but there are some places that leave more vivid memories than others.

If you’re looking to douse yourself in the vibrancy of the world’s kaleidoscope, we’ve got some suggestions for you.

From an unexpected pink lake in the Dominican Republic to Iceland’s icy-blue Crystal Caves to India’s Holi festival, there are places all around the globe waiting to be explored.

Lavender fields, France

If the fragrant flowers don’t lure you in, the sea of purple will. Just imagining yourself completely surrounded in a delicious purple cloud is enough to bring your blood pressure down a few points.

Lake Hillier, Australia

The pink color of this lake comes from its high salt content and the organisms living inside of it: algae and little dudes called halobacteria.

Marble Caves, Chile

These beautiful caves change color depending on the color of the water. The gentle curves of the rock walls make it easier for sunlight to bounce around, reflecting the blues below.

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