Prague Zoo has launched the sale of a “Charity Ticket” bearing the motto “The Czech Lion helps Ukrainian lions”. By buying a symbolic entrance fee, those interested will support Ukraine’s war-threatened breeding facilities.

“We are constantly thinking of new ways to support our colleagues and animals in Ukrainian zoos. Now, those interested can contribute by buying a symbolic “Charity Ticket”. All proceeds go to a special sub-account of our We Help Them Survive collection. The money raised from this will be used to purchase the necessary food, materials and technology for Ukrainian zoos. The first transport of aid was sent on Monday, and another will follow soon,” explained Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo’s director.

The “Charity Tickets” come in four denominations – CZK 100, CZK 500, CZK 1,000 or CZK 2,000. The symbolic ticket is in fact a donation and can be purchased on the website: Donors will receive a banner with the project’s motif as a thank you. This can then be used on social media to help spread awareness of the fundraiser.

“Our colleagues in Ukraine are caring for animals whilst facing the perils of war with the utmost commitment and courage. That’s why we wanted the ticket’s visual appearance to reflect this. So, our lions became a clear symbol,” explained Vít Kahle, Prague Zoo’s marketing and PR advisor.

Apart from the “Charity Ticket”, Prague Zoo offers several ways for people to support the war-threatened breeding facilities in Ukraine. As of last Monday, it’s possible to donate directly to a special sub-account of the We Help Them Survive fundraising account, or they can go to the Prague Zoo e-shop to buy special benefit tours that Prague Zoo’s keepers have prepared.

All of Prague Zoo’s activities to help Ukraine and ways to join in can be found in the overview on the website:

Collection account

All proceeds from the special sub-account of Prague Zoo’s “We Help Them Survive” collection will go directly to supporting Ukrainian zoos. You can give whatever you want, and Prague Zoo would also greatly appreciate it if the Czech public would spread the word about the sub-account.

Account number: 43-6804660247/0100

Variable symbol: 2022

Remittance information: Ukrajina/Ukraine

Appendix 1: Now all those interested can buy the “Charity Ticket”. All funds collected go to a special sub-account of the We Help Them Survive collection and will be used to help Ukrainian zoos. Source Prague Zoo

Appendix 2: Four ticket denominations are on sale – CZK 100, CZK 500, CZK 1,000 or CZK 2,000. Source Prague Zoo