The Best Places to Travel in June

The month of June gracefully straddles spring and summer, in most places a month of transition with changing weather and the realization that summer vacation is almost here. Whether the coming season means time off from school or work, travel, or house guests, June could be good time to plan a getaway before summer arrives. With both domestic and international travel increasing each year according to data from the U.S. Travel Association, it might pay to get a head start on summer travel, both to avoid crowds and to take advantage of deals before the season kicks in full force.

Flowers and festivals announce the season in many places, like Mackinac Island’s annual Lilac Festival, Jazz Festivals in Saratoga Springs and Montreal, and Lexington, Kentucky’s Bluegrass Festival. Auto racing in LeMans, France and Montreal will attract devoted fans, and Santa Fe’s annual rodeo will bring in a crowd as well. Music is a draw for many travelers, and Santa Fe’s Opera Season and Bandstand concerts both begin in June. Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine country is reawakening with the perfect combination of fresh produce, just-caught seafood, luscious wine, green landscapes, and lots to do outdoors.

Favorite destinations like the Loire Valley of France and Italy’s Amalfi Coast will get busier as the month goes on. Both offer historic hotels renovated to enhance visitors’ comfort while keeping the beauty and details of another era. The Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs is another recently renovated vintage gem.

Travelers anxious for warm weather that’s still a month or so away might want to head south to Amelia Island in Florida where summer arrives early. Or they can travel around the world to Bali for its balmy climate and luxury resorts. Wherever your late spring/early summer travels may take you, it’s a time to enjoy and celebrate the changing season.

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