Want to Avoid Bad Weather All Year Round? This Trip Will Keep You a Perfect Temperature Every Season

Bad weather can certainly put a damper on any trip.

However, if you’re a savvy planner, you can find “perfect” weather pretty much any time of the year, depending on where you go, Lonely Planet reported.

Reservations.com created a globe-trotting itinerary, broken down week-by-week, for people looking to figure out the best parts of the year to visit amazing destinations, especially if they’re seeking mild weather. Reservations.com defines “perfect” weather as ranging between 70 and 75 degrees and sunny forecasts.

“Each person has their own personal bias, so it’s a tricky thing to pin down,” it says on the company’s website. “We’ve read a number of articles and posts and found that the range of daily highs between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit…was a pretty solid indicator of acceptable temperature among the majority of people”

From the look of the travel website’s suggestions, you can even travel the world throughout the entire year and avoid bad weather.

If you’re looking for the ideal place for your trip, depending on the season, here’s where you should go, according to Reservations.com.


The months of March, April, and May mean you’ll be able to get away from torrential rains at home by escaping to the Mediterranean, as well as parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa.

In March, Tunisia, Egypt, and Israel are where you’ll find mild heat, palm tree-lined beaches, and lots of sunshine, according to Reservations.com, as well as being close to some of the most interesting historical sites on earth. In April, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, and Italy all boast some truly wonderful opportunities to soak up the sun, visit fascinating ruins, and treat yourself to some of the best food (especially seafood) in the world. In May, a visit to Croatia and Spain is good for some sunny weather.


The beginning of summer will bring you further north in Europe, while July and August, surprisingly, are a great time to visit Africa. In June, Reservations.com suggests exploring Portugal, France, Switzerland, and Germany if you’re trying to beat the heat. Plus these places are well known for their excellent food and wine options.

July is a great time to visit places like Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. One of the most popular trips is to take a safari to see the migrating wildlife during this time as well as seeing Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park. In August, visit the east African island of Mauritius, which is well known for its beaches and the lush environment – which means it’s a little on the cooler side. You can also enjoy ancient historical and cultural sites in India or Bhutan.


Autumn is the perfect time for people to explore Asia, Oceania, and North America. In September, the countries of Japan, China, South Korea, and Mongolia have the best weather as well as accommodations for any type of traveler. Want a super-urban trip? Tokyo or Beijing are excellent choices. Relaxation? South Korea and Sapporo, Japan are wonderful places to sit back and enjoy delicious cuisine. Adventure? Head to the Great Wall of China.

Fall in the northern hemisphere is actually spring in the southern hemisphere, so October is the best month to see the most beautiful cities in Australia. By November, Napa Valley and Los Angeles, California are ideal for nightlife and country winery tours. Austin, New Orleans, or Las Vegas are also great options for people who are tired of leaf-peeping.


Who doesn’t want to escape the bitter cold? In December, you can enjoy a Caribbean Christmas by visiting southern Florida, including Orlando and Miami, or heading to the Bahamas or Bermuda. Many resorts in these areas are open for business and actively encouraging travelers, despite hardship caused by Hurricane Dorian.

In January, ring in the new year by visiting places in South America, which will be cooler, drier, and more temperate than they are in other parts of the year. Hiking in the Andes is a popular trip for many travelers out there. You can also soak in some sun in Guatemala or see the bustling cities in Argentina, Chile, Peru, or Columbia. In February, Mexico and Morocco offer a break from the cold and wet weather. Sitting on a beach along the Pacific coast of Mexico is always a good option for people trying to get through that last slump of winter. For people who want a little more adventure, explore the markets of Marrakesh without breaking too much of a sweat.

More details on this travel-friendly weather itinerary can be found on the Reservations.com website.