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Issue 02/2015
Tomáš Tuhý - "It is necessary to strengthen the police force."
Issue 01/2015
Tomáš Sokol - "Admitting mistakes is not very popular here."
Issue 04/2014
Daniel Kurucz - "Why should you travel by train? Just give it a chance..."
Issue 03/2014
Andrej Babiš - "It bothers me that careerists are beginning to infiltrate among us."
Issue 02/2014
Ivana Zemanová - "I don't like the term 'first lady' nor do I consider myself one."
Issue 01/2014
Ivan Klíma - "Reader volumes are increasingly less related to quality."
Issue 05/2013
Otto Jelinek - "Opportunities in Canada and opportunities in the Czech republic complement each other."
Issue 04/2013
Tomáš Hudeček - The first 100 days.
Issue 03/2013
Vlastimil Picek - "In the current economic climate only a foolish optimist might assume that the army should get more money."
Issue 02/2013
Miroslav Kalousek - "We need to diversify export. There is enough money within our economy."
Public Speech of Cecilia Malmstrӧm
Cecilia Malmstrӧm, European Commissioner for Trade, paid a visit to Prague.
Strawberry Gala Reception
The traditional Strawberry Party at the Swedish Embassy and the Chamber’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.
Canadian Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting 2015
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic held its 2015 Annual General Meeting.
Diplomats Polo-Cup
The Grand Finals of the Diplomats Polo Cup were held on Saturday, June 6th at Velká Chuchle in Prague.
JA Czech Award Ceremony
Annual JA Award Ceremony took place on Wednesday June 17 2015 in the residence of US ambassador in Prague.
15th Finals Award Ď (Thanks)
On Monday, June 15th, 2015 was held the Finals of the XV. Awards „Ď“ (Thanks).
Prague Quadriennale
The 13th annual Prague Quadriennale of scenography and theatre is starting at the moment.
Biennial of Latin American Art at the Senate
At Wallenstein Palace, seat of the Senate of the Czech Republic, IV. Latin American Art Biennial was held.
Most Beautiful Czech Pharmacist Opened New Premises
Jana Doleželová, Miss of the Czech Republic 2004 has opened her second pharmacy in a brand new shopping mall Quadrio in the centre of Prague.

Joseph Šmarda
"When I was fifty five I drove an endurance race – the well-known Epilog."
Jaroslav Kurfürst
"Bilateral diplomacy is sometimes like operating the radio."
Karla Šlechtová
"My ambition is to open the competence bill."
Jiří Pospíšil
"Considering the size of the EP, legislative procedures function very effectively here."
XO Private Luxury Travelling Tips
Discover a world away from the ordinary. This week's luxury travelling tips from XO Private Weekly. Including Helicopter Horizons, Parrluxe Sea Cabana etc..
Et Cetera Exhibition
An exhibition of works by eighteen contemporary artists from the Czech Republic
CR moving up medical tourism places ladder
Last year the Czech Republic ranked among the top thirty most popular tourist sites of the world. Nevertheless, in the long term we can also observe an additional trend.
Keratoconus no longer leads to vision loss
Keratoconus is a disease of the cornea, which can gradually cause a significant visual impairment or even a loss of vision. The cornea gradually thins.
Look, no driver: Google’s new car
Google has revealed a prototype of its latest driverless car -- and this one doesn't even have a steering wheel.The car will only have a stop and go button.
Concerts of Prague Philharmonia in the season
In the 2014–2015 season the Prague Philharmonia will reinforce the ongoing success of its traditional concerts.
What Shopping Will Look Like In The Future
When it comes to shopping, more Americans are skipping the stores and pulling out their smartphones and tablets.
How To Conquer Stress At Work
For the past four years, Everest College in Washington has conducted a "Work Stress Survey" to find out what weighs most on Americans about their jobs.
How To Make The Perfect First Impression
Can we really judge a book by its cover? When it comes to making snap judgments about others, it turns out, we may be pretty good at doing just that.
State visit of the President of the Slovak Republic
At the invitation of President Miloš Zeman, President of the Slovak Republic, H.E. Andrej Kiska visited the Czech Republic
HR Specialist Rostya Gordon-Smith Guest of the CFO Club
How to handle increasing psychological pressure was the topic of last summer session of the CFO Club that was held on August 20 in AUREOLE Fusion Restaurant & Lounge in Prague 4.
Hilton Christmas Charity Concert
Hilton Prague and Hilton Prague Old Town organized the 18th annual Christmas Charity Concert to support Tereza Maxová Dětem Foundation.
Castle Ball by Candlelight
One of the first balls of the season took place on Saturday, November 7, 2014 at the Castle Berchtold.

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