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Miloš Vystrčil - Protecting the Sovereignty of the Czech Republic is one of the Senate's roles

Issue 04/2019

Vazil Hudák - We Are All Europeans

Issue 03/2019

Tomáš Petříček - The legacy of Václav Havel

Issue 02/2019

Zdeněk Hřib - "Future for the upcoming generation"

Issue 01/2019
Ivan Bartoš - The most important thing in politics is to keep learning
Three religions’ prayer on the occasion of Morocco’s Throne Day
H.E.Hanane Saadi, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Prague, organised the traditional Throne Day reception ...
Lions Club Prague Bohemia Ambassador
SUMMER CHARITY GALA DINNER held at Charles Bridge Restaurant and Terrace
Looking for a special place for your birthday or networking event?

Consider PragArtWorks Gallery as being an inspirational place.

Diplomatic Academy Vienna – Marking the 75th anniversary (01 July 2020)
On the 01 July 2020, the Modern Diplomacy, International Institute IFIMES along with the world’s eldest diplomatic school ...
rutland&partners ANTI COVID PARTY

Caffe Italia, June 24th, 2020

Sotiris Foutsis
"I am very confident about UNYP students and graduates"
Tanja Strniša
"My role is to promote positive exchange among nations"
Jiří Šedivý
"EU is the best ship to navigate us through the stormy weather"
Ureerat Chareontoh

"We are opening new areas for cooperation between the Czech Republic and Thailand"

Radek Ptáček
"If you need to, then seek professional help"
Tomáš Prouza

"We have had TOO MANY Le Pens and NO Macron"

Petr Pavel

"The state of our society has been a pleasant surprise"

Sara Boutall

Heroes of Covid-19 - Students, Changemakers and the Rise of Czech Creative Solutions during the Pandemic and the First Online University Hackathon in the Czech Republic

Dominik Furgler
Crises happen unexpectedly
Nora Fridrichová

On Women, Children, Missing Computers and Long Shopping Lists

Build your effective team (Aneta Vančová, psychologist, coach and lecturer from topcoach.sk)
Do you try to build a work team in your company? To have your own team is one thing but build a successful and effective team is another one. It is a sensitive matter and while doing so you must take into consideration many aspects. Read the following important steps how to proceed if you […]
Daniel Meron: Global food security in the shadow of Covid-19
Dear Mr. Ambassador, before we start discussing the issue of food security, let me ask you about the latest pandemic situation in Israel. Unfortunately, Israel is suffering today from a second wave of coronavirus. Intensive efforts are underway to lower the infection rate and reduce morbidity. Governments around the world are grappling these days to […]
These are the 10 most visited castles this summer in the Czech Republic so far
Czech castles and chateaux saw the best July attendance in years, despite few foreign tourists Domestic tourism of Czech historical landmarks is up due to the coronavirus, but the increase won’t be enough to cover the losses caused by the forced almost two-month closures earlier this year. Castles and chateaux managed by the National Heritage […]
Czech retail sales weaker but unemployment better than expected
June retail sales slightly disappointing Czech retail sales, excluding cars in June surprised on the downside after more encouraging May figures (these were also revised downwards from -0.7% to -1.9 year-on-year). As such, June retail sales stagnated in YoY terms, while analysts expect growth of around 3%. And after adjusting for working-day bias (+2 days […]
How to Prepare for Summer Camping in the Czech Republic
Even though the Czech Republic probably isn’t the first destination that comes to your mind when talking about summer camping, you’d be surprised to learn how many campers actually go there every single year. Camping enthusiasts from around the world gather here and spend their free time enjoying the amazing weather and exploring sights you […]


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