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Current issue
Radek Vondráček - "Respect and debate are the foundations."
Issue 01/2018
Long story of Kurz
Issue 03/2017
Jiří Sven Svěrák & Vladimír Kvaš - "We're setting up an international start-up corporation"
Issue 02/2017
Simon Kaluža - On Being a Manager by Trade, An Entrepreneur by Heart and An Overall Leader
Issue 01/2017
Luděk Sekyra - On Values, Both Material and Spiritual Ones
Issue 04/2016
Andrej Kiska - "Helping and serving the society is the best purpose."
Issue 03/2016
Martin Stropnický - "We Are Facing New Challenges."
Issue 02/2016
Angela Mazza - "Have a Compass and Set for a Discovery Journey at Sea"
Issue 01/2016
Július Kriváň - When Traditional Industry Paves Way to Modern Times
Issue 03/2015
Vladimír Dlouhý - "I don't like the distorted image of enterpreneurs in our country."
Issue 02/2015
Tomáš Tuhý - "It is necessary to strengthen the police force."
Issue 01/2015
Tomáš Sokol - "Admitting mistakes is not very popular here."
Issue 04/2014
Daniel Kurucz - "Why should you travel by train? Just give it a chance..."
Issue 03/2014
Andrej Babiš - "It bothers me that careerists are beginning to infiltrate among us."
Issue 02/2014
Ivana Zemanová - "I don't like the term 'first lady' nor do I consider myself one."
Issue 01/2014
Ivan Klíma - "Reader volumes are increasingly less related to quality."
Issue 05/2013
Otto Jelinek - "Opportunities in Canada and opportunities in the Czech republic complement each other."
Issue 04/2013
Tomáš Hudeček - The first 100 days.
Issue 03/2013
Vlastimil Picek - "In the current economic climate only a foolish optimist might assume that the army should get more money."
Issue 02/2013
Miroslav Kalousek - "We need to diversify export. There is enough money within our economy."