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Ivan Bartoš - The most important thing in politics is to keep learning
Issue 03/2018
Greg McStravick - Data Transformation and Future Beyond 2018
Issue 02/2018
Radek Vondráček - "Respect and debate are the foundations."
Issue 01/2018
Long story of Kurz
Issue 03/2017
Jiří Sven Svěrák & Vladimír Kvaš - "We're setting up an international start-up corporation"
CzechImage Exhibition Opening

CzechImage exhibition opening took place at Czech Centres Gallery in Rytířská 31, on 10th of December, 2018.

Opening of Hana Alisa Omer Exhibition

The opening of an exhibition by Hana Alisa Omer called “A Paradigm Jump” took place December 10th 2018 at Hala C Gallery.

Christmas SKAL Gala Dinner

Photos from Christmas SKAL Gala Dinner held 14.12.2018 at the Grand Hotel Bohemia Prague.

14th Prague Security Conference – Czechia and Europe 100+

On November 16, 2018 the House for Professed hosted 14th Prague Security Conference.

Míla Fürstová – Wings for Coldplay

Special screening of the documentary film directed by Peter Hirjak “Míla Fürstová – Wings for Coldplay” at the Dlabačov Cinema.

Ondřej Mynář

"NAFIGATE will become a world-renowned cosmetics brand"

Alena Schillerová

"I welcome any substantive discussion"

Michal Lukeš

"We Tell Stories"

Pierre Gattaz

"Europe is not an option but an absolute necessity"

Judi Challiner

"The fate of Czechoslovakia on the background of personal stories 1918, 1938, 1948, 1968 and beyond"

Ivan Bartoš

"The most important thing in politics is to keep learning"

Philipp Zielke

"Never Leave Out the People Aspect"

Sandra Lang Linkensederová

"It is our responsibility to reach the goals"

Stephen B. King

"Life is work and work is life"

Louise Beer

"Buying and Collecting Art Should Be Part of One’s Upbringing"

2019 – the year of the robo?
Happy New Year! And what a year it may well turn out to be. Despite the deluge of Regulations and Directives in 2018, I believe that it will be the next 12 months when we will see and feel the true effects of these. In addition, will 2019 see the true rise of so-called robo […]
The Best Places to Travel in February
Winter is moving along, so if you haven’t dusted off the skis or taken advantage of the warm outerwear you’ve received as gifts or bought for yourself, it’s time to plan a trip to a snowy destination. Vail is not only a classic ski city with hills for all levels of skiers and lessons for […]
Looking Ahead to 2019
INHERITANCE OF THE 2018 TRANSFORMATIVE TRENDS AFFECTING 2019 The main transformative trends in 2018 that will affect next year will concern at least the following three different global and interconnected sectors: Economic & Financial Area; Security; Dismantling of the Old World Order. Economic & Financial Area Regarding the economic and financial area, it will be […]
8 Dream Trips to Take in 2019 — and Exactly How Much You Need to Save for Them
Glamp by the Grand Canyon Exploring one of our most sought-after landmarks is a great bucket-list trip that doesn’t require an international flight. Travelers from all over the world flock to the Grand Canyon, so if you can make it happen with one direct, domestic flight, why not save up for that? For Grand Canyon […]
Twinning Europe and Asia in Cyberspace
(the EU Legislation and its transformative power) While our troposphere is dangerously polluted, one other space – that of intangible world, created by the interconnected technology – follows the same pattern: a cyberspace. Additionally, our cyberspace becomes increasingly brutalised by its rapid monetisation and weaponisation. It mainly occurs through privacy erosion. How to protect effectively […]

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