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Radek Vondráček - "Respect and debate are the foundations."
Issue 01/2018
Long story of Kurz
Issue 03/2017
Jiří Sven Svěrák & Vladimír Kvaš - "We're setting up an international start-up corporation"
Issue 02/2017
Simon Kaluža - On Being a Manager by Trade, An Entrepreneur by Heart and An Overall Leader
Issue 01/2017
Luděk Sekyra - On Values, Both Material and Spiritual Ones
May SKAL meeting

Regular May SKAL meeting at Park Inn Hotel Prague.

Conference on Innovative Politics
Senate Conference

"Israel after 70 years and its relations with the Czech Republic"

In the Waldstein Palace, there was held a conference to celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Israel and the Czech Republic.


H.E. Barbara C. Richardson, Ambassador of Canada organized a very successful and joyful farewell reception for Louise Beer and Rene Beauchamp, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel

”Praga 1968”

Opening of the “Praga 1968” photo exhibition in the Baroque Chapel of the Italian Culture Institute in Prague. The exhibit has been carried out on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of “ Primavera di Praga” ( Prague Spring), due to the partnership between Italian Embassy, Italian Culture Institute, Friuli-Venezia Giulia Regional Council and CRAF- Spilimbergo (PN) Photography and the Archive Research Centre, and it will remain open to the public until 8th June at the Institute, with free entry.

Andrea Vadkerti
“My life-long talk show”
Thomas Melios
“We face obstacles head-on”
Petr Gajdušek
“I have fulfilled my mission at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; I look forward to my next career challenge“
Jack Wilson
“You really have to have a passion for what you do.”
Martin Herman
President, American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies
5th Annual Global Female Leaders Summit 2018 in Berlin
Reflection on 2018 Summit and Three Reasons Why In Particular Female Leaders Should Put Berlin on Their 2019 Agenda.
How to Pack for a Summer Vacation Without Losing Your Mind
Summer vacation should be a time for relaxation and rest, but packing for it is a whole other story. In most cases we tend to overpack, forgetting that we are bound to spend most of our days in a bathing suit and may be covered with a kaftan or a summer dress. In some cases,…
The 20 Fastest-growing Travel Destinations in the World
Every year, the United Nations World Tourism Organization tracks travel trends to predict the newest up-and-coming destinations. The organization tracks international visitators and presents information about which countries are spiking interest. And over the past year, some unlikely countries have emerged as frontrunners. Despite long-standing conflict in the Middle East, more visitors are venturing to…
The spirits of Macedonia are spreading through the region!
The Republic of Macedonia held parliamentary election on 11 December 2016. The new government was appointed on 31 May 2017. The parliamentary election was the result of the Pržino Agreement from June 2015 when following long and difficult negotiations the four leading political parties in Macedonia – the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Democratic Party for Macedonian…
Did we become hostages to ever-increasing regulation?
According to most common sources, Stockholm syndrome is a type of psychological bond between hostage and their hijacker, when the former develops emotional ties to a person that beats, abuses or generally hurts him or her. Plainly sad, it is about getting pathological “feeling” for your abuser. You might be interested as to how this…

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