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Luděk Sekyra - On Values, Both Material and Spiritual Ones
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Andrej Kiska - "Helping and serving the society is the best purpose."
New American Ambassador visited the Senate

President of the Senate Milan Štěch met with the new American Ambassador in Czech Republic H.E. Stephen King. The Ambassador wants to take part in the celebrations of the foundation of Czechoslovakia, mainly because the help of American politicians during the occasion in 1918 was very significant.

Meeting of Senate and Chamber of Deputies Leaders

It has become a tradition that at the beginning of each year a meeting of representatives of the Czech Senate and Chamber of Deputies takes place where current common issues of interest are discussed. The theme of this year's dinner was a possible closer cooperation between senators and members of parliament.

Traditional New Year Gathering of Senators and the Diplomatic Corps

On 16th January, a gathering of Senators and the diplomatic corps was organised at the Senate under the auspices of Milan Štěch. The President of the Senate thanked the Ambassadors for their work and mentioned problems that the Czech Republic is facing and will deal with as part of its foreign policy in 2018.

Lucie Gelemová Art Exhibition

The opening of an art exhibition by Lucie Gelemová took place on the 16th of January at Divadlo Bez Zábradlí in Prague.

Hilton Charity Christmas Concert

On Wednesday, December 20th, Hilton Prague and Hilton Prague Old Town organized the 21st annual traditional Charity Christmas Concert.

Andrea Vadkerti
“My life-long talk show”
Thomas Melios
“We face obstacles head-on”
Petr Gajdušek
“I have fulfilled my mission at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; I look forward to my next career challenge“
Jack Wilson
“You really have to have a passion for what you do.”
Martin Herman
President, American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies
Bureaucrats’ Crusade
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