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Aneta Vančová, psychologist, coach and lecturer from

Do you try to build a work team in your company? To have your own team is one thing but build a successful and effective team is another one. It is a sensitive matter and while doing so you must take into consideration many aspects. Read the following important steps how to proceed if you want to create and build team.

The choice of the best

The aim of managing individuals or teams is to meet the team or company’s aims, goals via utilizing each individual’s potential. It means for managers to apply different techniques, methods to meet the above-mentioned goals. And it seems to be a good idea to use a wide variety of tools, as for example the personal, performance or motivation diagnose, assessment or development centers, and so forth.

To build effective team is a long-time procedure and it already starts with selection procedure itself. Therefore, the management themselves in cooperation with HR department, should care about the good and quality selection. That allows you to choose the best ones for you and thus eliminate the ineffectivity afterwards. Mostly managers start to deal with team functioning only when something goes wrong. The right and proper choice and well-set development afterwards can prevent and save financial or capacity sources, to minimize defectiveness and increase efficiency and turnovers as well.

Based on group and team studies, the following reasons for their malfunctioning were discovered (Curphy, Hogan, 2012):

The top 10 reasons why groups and teams fail:
1. Misunderstanding the team context.
2. Lack of common purposes or goals.
3. Issue with team composition.
4. Bad fellowship.
5. Weak meeting, decision-making, and communication processes.
6. Favoritism.
7. Different levels of commitment.
8. Shortfalls in resources (funding, equipment, or authority)
9. Personal animosity and interpersonal conflicts.
10. Being unable to achieve superior results.

„Being engaged, involved“ into team culture and company

The proper choice is closely related to „team culture“. Immediately from the beginning it is crucial to follow, while building quality team, mainly the personality type as well as the work type. This applies to newly accepted people from the market as well as those chosen from the internet. We should not forget that the employee suitable in one team within certain community, does not mean that he automatically will be suitable in other team within the same community.

Effectivity is revealed when there is a concordance in company’s atmosphere, melted into management’s behavior, focused to self-fulfillment and personal growth. Psychiatrists discovered an interesting fact last century. An identified individual person, having the real feeling of being incorporated into team or group, shows signs of satisfaction and thus his work is much more effective.

Work team, the person belongs to, provides him feeling of security, allows self-fulfillment, gain reputation, recognition, and it contributes to strong feeling of fellowship. When there is no such work surrounding, it decreases one’s motivation and performance as well. And that is exactly the moment of interest for manager. When employee „fits into team“, the company’s identity comes to the forefront, reflecting effective decision making procedures at work. This should be the aim of manager to create good company’s culture and policy.

Team vs. work group: things in common vs. differences

Fulfillment of needs and motivation

MOTIVATION – the word inflected so often nowadays. We can find motivation in each area of our life, mainly in the working one. It is the main topic of our hectic life these days. It is highlighted mainly during the autumn season when due to temperature changes, we switch to routines in comparison to summer mode. Sometimes we are highly motivated, then we search motivation and sometimes we lose it. What influences our ability for work motivation?

The essential part is created by the need to belong somewhere. Further motivation forms depend on this. Each person‘s basic motivation is the social contact, no matter what aspect we take into consideration, including psychological, sociological or anthropological, we always meet this fact. The truth is that all of us need to be in touch though each on different, individual level, depending on personality type, place where we actually are or particular life situation.

Each manager and community has the same aim that is to reach results. At the same time, it is also about satisfaction of the employees themselves and this is closely connected to stated goals and their fulfillment. And knowing the employees‘ motivation, manager and finally the community can reach both and thus create effective quality team, the members of which are satisfied and reach their goals. It also involves fulfillment of needs, employee’s motivation.

What responsibilities have the manager while building and caring about his team, managing individuals and reaching the goals and tasks we will deal with in the next article.

By Aneta Vančová, psychologist, coach and lecturer from


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