Future Females Prague launches the new chapter of global female community to empower female entrepreneurs on the Czech market

Future Females Prague, the local branch of the otherwise global organization Future Females focused on educating and supporting the development of female led businesses is coming to Czech Republic to empower aspiring and current entrepreneurs to seek the resources and support they need to develop their businesses.

With the current rise of female entrepreneurs and female led small businesses in the Czech Republic Future Females will strive to promote ways for business development in various industries such as tech, IT, sustainability, consulting and many others that are of interest for start up builders.  Future Females Prague community will encourage a young generation of women to choose the path of entrepreneurship in order to gain financial independence through realizing their own business potential.

Dimana and Barbora, Founders of Future Females Prague Chapter

Providing women with role models who have achieved tremendous success locally and internationally is a way to inspire and motivate future female founders” say Dimana and Barbora from Future Females Prague.


Meeting these local heroes will be possible through joint events and workshops held online, at the university of our partner UNYP or at designated locations, once the pandemic situation has quieted down and people can gather together once again.

Future Females as a global organization was established in 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa after the co-founders Lauren Dallas and Cerina Bezuidenhout were managing a cohort of aspiring entrepreneurs at TechStars. When they realized that there was not a single female founder taking part in the whole program, they saw an urgent need to empower female entrepreneurs. The idea of creating a space where women can connect, share, network and learn from each other was born. Currently Future Females has a following of more than 80 000 people globally and is present in 38 countries from Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia.

Next Future Females Prague event in cooperation with UNYP will be held on 24 February at 18:00 on Zoom. Vanda Seidelová (CEO of Twigsee), David Šiška (Angel Investor and Co-founder of THNSHMN), Jaroslav Trojan (VC and Angel Investor) and Linda Štucbartova (Founder of Diversio) will discuss how to build a successful start up and seek investment for it.

Future Females: www.futurefemales.co

Facebook Future Females Prague: https://www.facebook.com/futurefemalesprague

Next Future Females Prague Event: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/139645089221