Prices in bakeries are about to rise like dough

Throughout the fall of 2021, prices of all baked goods in Czech supermarkets and bakeries are expected to rise at least by a few percentage marks. There are a number of reasons for this trend, mainly the rising cost of flour, transport and energy. The fact that bakers are demanding higher wages, since many other products are also getting more expensive, is at play too. This information was shared by bakers during the annual Days of Bread and the Bread of the Year competition, currently taking place in Pardubice. According to Petr Šedivý, the head commissar of the Bread of the Year competition, “As the price of wheat rises, millers increase the price, which ends up reflected in the price of bread. This also includes the flour required for organic products, cereals grown for organic products are already significantly more expensive. Yet, organic products will also increase in price.” He estimates that the prices of bread could rise by up to 10%. However, some small bakery owners are planning to increase their prices by at least 15%. One of these small bakers is Petr Křivka from Southern Moravia. According to him, “The price increase had to come, we want to pay the employees well, so we must reflect the prices of flour and energy in our pricing. Prices of pastry have to increase. “