The Czech government explained itself to the EU

On Wednesday, the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic sent out its first reply to the EU regarding the audit that found problems in the way our government detects conflicts of interests. Much information about the contents of this letter can not be shared publicly. However, since we roughly know what the EU wanted to hear, we can make some guesses about what the Czech government likely wrote to the EU. The European Commission requested a number of preventive and corrective measures from the Czech authorities to ensure compliance with the Conflict of Interest Act. For example, keeping a list of public officials and the companies they own or control. Or incorporating a methodological approach into the procedures addressing conflicts of interest in relation to trust funds. Czechia should describe its ‘ongoing improvement of the management and control system’ to Brussels and set a deadline for the completion of a specific action plan. Furthermore, the EU requests ‘re-verifications’ to be performed on 12 past operations together with a deadline for their completion. In the past, our government was already warned that it could lose access to EU funding if it were not to follow the guidance of the EU in this matter, which would be a massive problem.