The Shape of (Central) Europe 2020

Photo Credit: The Aspen Institute Central Europe

The annual conference of the Aspen Institute Central Europe, The Shape of (Central) Europe, which we organized in cooperation with the Economia media house, took place online on 19 November 2020.


The main topic of this year’s conference was RESTARTING CENTRAL EUROPE. The aim of the conference was to find a strategy for coping with the pandemic crisis and the economic recovery of Central European countries. Expert studies prepared by McKinsey and the expert groups of Aspen Institute Central Europe were the basis of the discussions. This year they focused in more detail on:

➡ How is the Pandemic Changing Europe?

➡ Restarting Central Europe

➡ City Strategies — Getting Back to the Next Normal

➡ Defense & Space: Opportunities for Science and Industry

➡ Background to Failures in Education: Social Problems and Funding

Conference book with expert studies

Apart from the analysis of the current situation, specific recommendations for improvement addressed to the political representatives were made. In addition to the representatives of the governments and the mayors of the capitals of Central European countries, representatives of the state administration, experts from business, academia and the non-profit sector also spoke on the conference panels. Various areas were viewed from different angles. During the conference, participants could ask the speakers questions through the application.

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