Martin Boruta

"The European Green Deal and energy savings in buildings will be the key topics of tomorrow"

Daniel Meron: Global food security in the...

Dear Mr. Ambassador, before we start discussing the issue of food security, let me ask you about the latest pandemic situation in Israel. Unfortunately, Israel is suffering today from a second wave of coronavirus. Intensive efforts are underway...

Sara Polak

Heroes of Covid-19 - Students, Changemakers and the Rise of Czech Creative Solutions during the Pandemic and the First Online University Hackathon in the Czech Republic

Jan Fischer

On the forgotten Czech Statistical Office birthday, reasons for optimism and the right to meddle in politics

Petr Očko

  “In the near future, the Czech Republic may become one of the leaders in innovation”  

Alena Mastantuono

  “We would be happy if our MEPs listened to us and protected national interests rather than keeping the voting line of their European political groups”