Fashion Disrupt – Streetwear

On the 10th of March Startup Disrupt, in cooperation with Footshop and others, organized an event Fashion Disrupt: Streetwear. The event was moderated by Pavlína Louženská, a mentor of Google for Startups. We spoke about streetwear and also about its sustainability, design, reselling, and trends.

Fashion Disrupt is a series of international talks on the business of fashion. We explore what drives fashion brands’ revenues and who are the key players behind the paradigm shifts on the market by inviting them on stage. Since Fashion Disrupt is part of the Startup Disrupt family our special focus is startups, innovation, and technology within this field.

The whole event was divided into following parts:

  • a panel discussion on Streetwear with Tomáš Velický (exVF), Peter Kováč (Footshop), Peter Hlavička (Flace) and Michal Mucha (Addict).
  • a panel discussion on Sustainable shoes with Sebastian Thies and Eliška Horčíková
  • a pitch session with two startups (Public Fibre, RePack Posse)