Swap? A new trend, but also savings for the environment and your wallet

Weekly swap from 13th to 19th September in the Prague market in Holešovice

Are your closets brimming over but you are still convinced you have nothing to wear? Don’t want to spend much money on clothes? If you like to be supertrendy but at the same time you care about the environment and the impact of fast fashion on the climate, we have a solution for you: a new trend, the so-called swap (exchange of things). Come to the Prague Holešovice Market from 13th to 19th September and explore the First Sustainable Mall: Weekly Swap!

In Hall No. 17 you will find goods of high quality verified by the previous owners. You can get clothes, household items, books, and plants here. There will also be a variety of accessories, toys and children’s or sportswear. Besides all the original pieces, the whole week is full of very interesting program e.g., inspiring workshops and lectures.

This is not only a bazaar, but much more! On Monday 13th the launch of the new Czech board game Terra Futura will be held. The game was created as part of the cooperation with the international Game On project and Albi. All the visitors will also be able to play on site. The game takes players into the future, where they build cities and industry and strive to achieve the greatest possible balance between production and sustainability. At the end of the week, you are also very welcomed at a screening of the British documentary The Great Green Wall from the menu of the World on Plate festival.

“Terra Futura is a minimalist and pretty fast board game that has simple rules and a brisk pace, so no one will be bored playing it. You can play the game in a group of two to five players aged at least ten years old,” presents Viktorie Tenzerová from the organization Na mysli, which stays behind the Game On project and World on Plate festival. “Throughout the week, we will also organize guided tours for students from Prague schools. We want to show them how the swap works and that it is a funny and sustainable alternative to buying new things. The aim is also to point out how fast fashion is linked to climate change and why it is good to prolong the life cycle of the products. On Saturday, September 18th, from 6 PM, we will present the documentary The Great Green Wall as part of the program, in which the Malian musician Inna Modja and the audience starts an epic journey along the future Great African Green Wall. This is an ambitious project that aims to prevent the further desertification of Africa through greenery, which will restore the soil and secure the future for millions of people,” adds Viktorie Tenzerová.

Take what you need

As it was proposed, the largest part of the program will be one of the largest swaps in the world: the visitors themselves will bring things they no longer need and can please someone else. The organizing team will sort things out so that all visitors can choose things smoothly. It’s a playful way of getting things. One big advantage: you don’t pay for individual pieces. You simply buy an entrance fee, which covers organizational costs and the weekly program.

“The atmosphere at the events supports sharing, experience and bringing individuals and whole generations closer together. That is why the trend of swaps is reaching the hearts of the general public and those who do not know swap yet will sooner or later hear about it,” says Kristýna Holubová, co-founder of the non-profit organization SWAP Prague. “There are plenty of things everywhere, let’s finally be responsible to each other and to the environment and the resources we share, and finally to ourselves.”


★ The biggest swap ever, workshops and discussions on smarter consumption habits! This is the opening of the First Sustainable Mall!
★ We dreamt of a place where everything would be different from the traditional shops when we read articles about similar places in Sweden or Germany. That’s also why we introduced swap culture in Czech and Slovak!
★ Besides the main part – the biggest swap in our country ever – you will find lots of workshops, a programme connecting generations and showing solutions NOW AND HERE.
★ Are you ready? It’s up to us what the future looks like.


Most of you already know:
Swap is about changing inappropriate gifts, good clothes, great books, preserved household needs. Throughout the SWAP we will receive good and function things! The better things you bring the more you can anticipate that someone will bring something you’ll appreciate and need too!


You get the ticket (https://bit.ly/30YemaO) and then you bring clothes, accessories, jewellery, small items and household items and you can take whatever you need or like for FREE. The number of pieces is not limited but be reasonable and get what you really like and need because that is the only way it can work.


190 CZK / 1 day
400 CZK / 3 days
600 CZK / 5 days

September 13. – 19. 2021 everyday from 10.am to 8.pm

Pražská tržnice, hala číslo 17 https://goo.gl/maps/ZaLHgnB9qx4zDBtFA