What Are the Positive Effects of Divorce?

Being married to someone you love and cherish can be an adventure of a lifetime. Some journeys, however, aren’t meant to last that lifetime, so it’s much healthier for all parties involved to go their separate ways. Yes, the decision to file for divorce can be heartbreaking and frustrating, and the paperwork behind it is tiresome, but if the end goal is your happiness and independence, and above all, a fresh start, then it’s absolutely worth it.

Still, people aren’t always certain that they’ll be happy with such a decision. It might seem grim, complicated, and overwhelming, so they might postpone the decision for years before they make up their mind. While getting divorced isn’t necessarily a “happy” occasion, it has all the potential to make you happy and provide you with what you need. Still having doubts? Here are several of the most typical positive effects of divorce, and why you should consider this step in your life when it’s time to move forward.

Providing a healthy space for your kids

If you and your spouse have kids, and you’ve been feeling that you’re not right for one another anymore, your kids are bound to get a sense of that mood in your home. When your emotions change, so does your relationships. In case your spouse has been aggressive towards you, or you’ve been abused, all the more reason to seek help and rebuild your life in a healthy environment for yourself and your kids.

Divorcing your spouse is the first step towards that healing process. Alone, but happy and content, you’ll be able to create a safe, healthy space for your little ones, and set an example for them that it’s never a bad time to stand up for yourself or your needs.

Standing up for yourself

A marriage doesn’t necessarily have to be abusive in order to make you unhappy. Many spouses begin to neglect their partners, or they drift apart. Perhaps you’ve evolved into completely different people, and today, you have nothing in common or you no longer love one another. Then again, infidelity is another typical reason for couples to get divorced.

Depending on where you live, the law will differ, as well as the resulting settlement, custody of your kids, and other details. In Australia, many couples will often look for an expert in family law in Sydney to make sure they get the best possible settlement, protect their rights, and make sure their kids are protected, too. More often than not, reaching the right middle ground for both you and your spouse, and the kids, requires professional guidance to navigate the intricate waters of your local family law.

Rebuilding and reclaiming your selfhood

In so many relationships, marriages included, people lose their sense of self and completely merge their own identity with that of their spouse. This is not something people do intentionally, but in doing so, they’ll also jeopardize their friendships as well as all of their personal relationships outside of their marriage.

A divorce might not sound like an ideal option at first, but if you’re not able to be your true self and continue evolving as an individual, then perhaps it’s time to jump ship. During and after divorce, you’ll be able to focus on yourself, learn how to love yourself once again, and get to know who you really are.

Boosting your wellbeing

In the months leading up to the divorce, you have been feeling stressed, agitated, sad, and overwhelmed, which is the most common scenario when you’re in a marriage in which you’re no longer fulfilled. Such a state of mind is bound to take a toll on your health and wellbeing, and the stress alone can affect your sleep schedule, eating habits, and your desire to be active and socialize.

That is why divorcing your spouse can be good for both. It will give you a healthy resolution to a life you’re not satisfied with, and you’ll finally be able to focus on your wellbeing, sans the stress.

Getting a divorce can be a cause for celebration, when you approach it with the right mindset and become mindful of all the perks that come with it. It’s inevitable to get stressed due to the process itself, and it can be difficult to face your fears and your reclaimed independence, but it will all be worth your while soon enough, when you take charge of your life, ready for new adventures!

By Peter Minkoff

Peter is a lifestyle and travel writer at Men-Ual magazine, living between Ústí nad Labem and Antwerp. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.