A farewell reception to H.E. Tae-jin Kim, Ambassador of Korea

H.E. Most Reverend Jude Thaddeus Okolo, Vatican Apostolic Nunciature giving a farewell present to H.E. Mr. Tae-jin Kim, Ambassador of Korea and his wife from Ambassadors and spouses organization

Text: M.Zisso; Photo: Archive

H.E. Mr. Tae-jin Kim and his wife hosted a farewell reception at the great hall, New Embassy building of the Republic of Korea. H.E. Mr. Tae-jin Kim, who is ending his role as Ambassador to the Czech Republic, was appointed as the Korean Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. We hope to see him again soon in Prague, acting in his new role.

We are bringing you the speech of H.E. Tae-jin Kim at the event.

„Distinguished guests and Excellencies, my dear fellow Koreans, It is with mixed emotions that I stand before you today, as I bid farewell to this beautiful country and its gracious people. My three years in Prague out of 32 years of diplomatic career has been an unforgettable time of dream. I have had the privilege of calling this place my second home and working alongside many dedicated and talented people.

The Czech Republic has left a lasting impression on me, with its rich history, stunning architecture, and warm-hearted people. It is no wonder that countless people from all corners of the world are drawn to this place. In fact, I am now half Czech, usually saying that „there is no place like Prague“ wherever I go. Except for maybe Korean cuisine – yes, I will never give up my Kimchi!

One of the highlights of my time here was the opportunity to learn from the Dean and my fellow ambassadors. Each one represented their own country and brought a unique perspective to our circle. Your exceptional dedication and professionalism have made a profound impact on me, and I will always cherish the joyful memories we shared together.

As the Korean Ambassador, I could witness the deep and abiding friendship between Korea and Czechia. Despite the relatively short diplomatic relationship of just over 30 years and the geographical distance, our bond has grown at a remarkable pace. I am proud to have played a small role in this.

Of course, there were times when diplomacy was challenging, particularly in working with a European country that is so closely tied to the EU and European identity. But I never doubted the strength of our relationship. The trust that Czechia has placed in us, combined with our passion for this country, have always been the key to our successful partnership.

The future holds many exciting opportunities to bring us even closer, with nuclear cooperation, further business investments and joint projects. While the economy has been the main driving force between us thus far, it is up to both our countries to ensure that this partnership extends into other areas as well. I have a firm belief that Czechia will continue to trust Korea, and that together, we can create a brighter future for us and the whole world.

Next week, I will be returning to Korea, but my heart will always remain here.

I am committed to continuing my support for Czechia and to further strengthening our relationship. I thank you all for what we did together, and may our paths cross again soon. If any of you find yourselves in Seoul, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Děkuju and Na shledanou.“