Comenius Czech 100 Best – Awards Ceremony

During the Gala the awarded were establishments and institutions of 8 industry categories with immediate impact on the welfare of Czech citizens. I.e.: Tourism & Hotel Services, Dynamic Growth & Stability, Information & Communication Technologies, Inventions – Deployment – Export – Profit, Construction & Transportation, Employment & Cooperatives, Agriculture & Food, Health – Education – Humanity.

One of the peaks of the event was the recognition of six women and seven men with the popular title “Lady Pro” and “Gentleman Pro” respectively.

The ceremonial peak of the event was the declaration of “In Thirty Years a Capitalist Out of Nothing Award” and top ten “best of the best” of the Czech Republic.

An integral part of this last day of November at the Prague Castle was the morning conference on the traditional theme “Key Factors of Success”, where a diverse list of personalities on the subject had the right to speak about their success.