Czechoslovak Foreign Institute Events in the 2nd Half of 2017

The Czechoslovak Foreign Institute awarded Lyubov Khoba, the vice-president of Lukoil for the support of Czech schools in Vienna

For the financial support of the Komenský School association in Vienna, the chairman of the Czechoslovak Foreign Institute Jaromír Šlápota presented the Silver Lionaward to the vice-president of the PJSC Lukoil Lyubov Khobain the Philosophical Hall of the Strahov Library on October 19, 2017. The ceremony was attended by fifty staff-members of Lukoil, representatives of the Russian Embassy and dozens of members and friends of the Institute.

Lyubov Khoba, who arrived from Vienna, where the Lukoil management is seated, visited first the Czechoslovak Foreign Institute, where its chairman Jaromír Šlápota acquainted her with its history and activities, in particular with its focus on promoting high-quality teaching Czech abroad at expats’ schools. Then she went to the Strahov Monastery, where the director of the Strahov Library Evermod Gejza Šidlovský showed the guests around the important cultural monument.

In the Philosophical Hall of the library, the chairman of the Czechoslovak Foreign Institute awardeda memorial Silver Lionto the vice-president of Lukoil. “It has never happened before that the Russian firm would support the same project as the Czechoslovak Foreign Institute. The project being a Czech school in Vienna, which is operated by the Komenský School association with its Mayor Ing. Karel Hanzl,” he stressed. He announced that Lukoil had provided financial support to the Czech school in Vienna not only this year, but it hadcommitted to it even for the next two years, as Mrs. Khoba informed during her visit to the Institute. “Our dream would be if this example was followed by other companies,” the chairman of the Institute said. “I am very honoured by the award,” Lukoil vice-president said, and then at the request of the director of the Strahov Library she signed her name to the memorial book of important visitors. On its pages, the signatures of all the figures that had ever visited Prague can be found. “From Russia, it has been signed by the ex-president Medveděv, Yuri Gagarin or Valentina Tereshkova,” Gejza Šidlovský pointed out.


Three compatriots’anniversaries in Daruvar

The Czechoslovak Foreign Institute, which works with expatriates in Croatia for a long number of years and the goal of which is to equip the Czech schools with the most modern technology, was honoured by an invitation to a celebration of the triple anniversaries of Czech compatriots in Daruvar, which took place on 28th October 2017. The largest and one of the oldest expatriate associations in Croatia named Česká beseda Daruvar celebrated 110 years of existence, 95 years have passed since the founding of the Czech elementary school of J. A. Komenský and the “Ferda Mravenec” Czech kindergarten celebrated the 90th anniversary.

The celebrations were rich, beautiful, emotional and extremely dignified. The Czechoslovak Foreign Institute was represented by Petar P. Stanchev, Ph. D. During the official part, he attended the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the history of compatriots in Daruvar and had the opportunity to speak, thank and cordially greet everybody in the name of the Czechoslovak Foreign Institute, and especially on behalf of its chairman Jaromír Šlápota. At the festive ceremony, also the Czech ambassador in Croatia RNDr. Vladimír Zavázal, CSc. spoke, as well as the mayor of Daruvar Damir Lneniček, and a member of the Croatian parliament for the Czech and Slovak minority Vladimír Bílek. During the rich cultural programme, music and dance groups from Daruvar, for which the Czechoslovak Foreign Institute purchased new musical instruments and dance shoes in past years, performed as well as pupils from the elementary school and the children from the kindergarten. All generations of our countrymen presented them selves wonderfully and contributed to the overall extraordinary evening and unforgettable experience.

Petar P. Stanchev

On cardiology in the Czechoslovak Foreign Institute

A leading Czech cardiologist, professor MUDr. Petr Neužil, CSc., head physician of the Cardiology department of the Na Homolce Hospital, chairman of the Czech Association for Cardiac Arrhythmias in the Czech Society of Cardiology and a member of the Czechoslovak Foreign Institute came the Czechoslovak Foreign Institute for discussion with its members and friends.

Department of cardiology is a part of the Cardio-centreof the Na Homolce Hospital. That department was one of the first independent departments, as early as in the year 1990, engaged in the broadest spectrum of all subspecialties of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. In the last ten years, the department has become the workplace, where the latest technologies which current developments in cardiovascular medicine brings are applied.