Diplomatic Spouse’s Association Charity Gala Concert

The Diplomatic Spouse’s Association (DSA) has always prided itself for supporting Czech charities year in and year out. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic they have not been able to hold their successful Christmas bazaar for the past two years. This year, however, the DSA with their commitment to support local charities organized a Winter Charity Gala Concert featuring prominent Czech musicians.

The intimate concert was held at the stunning Troja Chateau in Prague at December 4th. The musicians included the gifted pianist, Lukas Klansky; accomplished violinist Katerina Klimankova, talented flutist Martin Klimanek, the incredible baritone of Roman Janal and the enchanting Soprano of Veronika Rovna Hodbova. The magnificent Grand Emperor’s Hall at the Chateau decorated with walls and ceiling frescos, wood carvings, museum tapestries and great acoustics was the ideal backdrop for the rich music that the guests were mesmerised by. The music pieces included classical pieces from Verdi, Ibert, Bizet and Monet. The dulcet tones of Roman and Veronika echoed in the hall and overtook the audience especially during the stirring duet Violetta a Germont by Verdi. Veronika channelled Violetta’s heartbreak beautifully and Roman’s baritone was powerful as he convinced her to give up her love.

During the evening, the DSA also awarded three Czech Charities grants for their proposed projects. The charities included:

Children’s Centre Chocerady, The Centre takes care of children with severe combined disabilities from birth to 18 years.

Anima Terapie : The organization provides support to children and families threatened by addiction and social exclusion
Charitas Novy Hrozenkov: This charity helps seniors, people with disabilities, people after injuries, terminally ill, and caring families through a wide range of services.

The Charity concerts and awards underline DSA’s commitment to the Czech community and people. In the past couple of years, because of the current situation these charities have experienced a greater need of funds and support and the DSA is honoured to be partnering with them.

Recently, art and music has suffered greatly as a result of concerts and shows being cancelled, and audiences thinning out. The DSA Charity Gala concert was a great opportunity to experience classical music with deep roots and wonderful performances at a breath-taking venue and all for a good cause in these uncertain times.

Text written by: Mrs. Mariam Bilal 

Photos by: Jitka Tomečková