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The 5th annual QuBit Conference took place in the International Hotel Prague on 17 – 19 of April.

Annually attended by top security professionals from the CEE region, the fifth year welcomed more than 225 speakers and delegates from countries as Czech Republic, Slovakia or United States, who discussed the latest cybersecurity trends and ideas.

The 5th anniversary of the event was also marked by introducing a new format of delegates engagement – the Solution Center, which provided a unique approach to cybersecurity market. Partners of the Solution Center presented practical demonstrations of their original know-how on daily cybersecurity challenges where the delegates could see the solution at work.

The fifth anniversary also witnessed the announcement of QuBit’s cooperation with EC Council in brining the prestigious C|CISO (Certified Chief Information Security Officer) training and certification to the region. The first C|CISO training shall take place in Prague on 18 – 21 of September.

QuBit Cybersecurity Conferences strive to bring closer the latest information to the cyber community of Central Europe from the western world and to help spread the word that security matters as Internet and IT tools are now accessible to more than 2 billion people worldwide. They provide a unique way to meet the best and the brightest minds in the information security fields across multiple industries, and all carrier levels.

However, the Central Europe is not the sole focus of QuBit. In November 2018 it will host its second annual conference in Belgrade, Serbia (30 November) and a new event in Sofia, Bulgaria (16 November).

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