Gorgeous Moroccan Paths

2017 very talented graduates from the Prague College of Fashion and Design have prepared and presented their collections inspired by the theme of encounters with Morocco in the prestigious premises of the Prague Museum of Music on 13th June. Each student made her own creations accordingly to one of the 9 themes selected and inspired by the Kingdom of Morocco, namely: the sand Marathon, Zakaria Ramhani’s paintings, the art of Berber carpets, Moroccan street art, Blue Majorelle and the city of Chefchaouen, Moroccan cultural diversity, the colours of the Sahara Desert, the Hammam and Spa rituals, the rose of Kelaat Mgouna. The collection was truly and simply beautiful! The event was organised by the Vyšší odborná škola oděvního návrhářství v Praze in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Czech Republic and the Czech-Moroccan friendship and cooperation society in Prague.