Laurent Laval

Laurent Laval held another of his Opera Conferences in the Czech Business Club to present his experience and ideas related to finding talents within an organization. Going by the title “Find the diamonds in your team to double your sales” Laurent’s presentation outlines the steps he has taken in the corporate world and how he can apply his experience to organizations as a consultant.

The conference combined opera with a presentation around Laurent’s experience, as he believes opera emotions open the mind and heart to new ideas and inspire a level of thinking higher than our current state. Participants enjoyed not only good company, good wine and cheese and an interesting conference but also a unique operatic presentation of “recognizing the talents, the diamonds, in team and authorizing them by giving them an appropriated mission makes companies unique and competitive. When people are happy at work they stay in the company and give the best of themselves: they work with passion and will attract naturally other talents” as a conclusion.