Looking for a special place for your birthday or networking event?

Consider PragArtWorks Gallery as being an inspirational place.

Louise Beer, the founder of PragArtWorks Gallery, hosted a birthday party for Linda Štucbartová, Chief Interviewer of Czech and Slovak Leaders Magazine.

Linda mentioned that being born in July is not very fortunate for someone who loves people and events. “However, this year, I decided not to postpone my birthday event to a more suitable time but instead to celebrate it on the very day. And why ladies only? The pandemic showed me that women respond to stress differently than men. Our response is not “fight or flight” but more “tend and care”. It was a great opportunity to catch up with my friends and to get their support after such a challenging period when some of us lost our business, some of us could not see our families and we all faced difficult turbulent times.”

Linda met Louise during their interviews for the Czech and Slovak Leaders Magazine in 2018. Since then, they became good friends and they have inspired one another.

Louise opened the gallery last October. Her purpose is to demystify art for the younger generation and also to promote Czech art. To everyone interested in art, pay attention. Czech artists are still not very well known abroad, and you can get excellent art for an affordable price, compared to European and Chinese art.

A group of 20 ladies enjoyed prosecco, a gallery tour, and networking.

Jitka Tomečková, Czech and Slovak Leaders photographer, is the maker of the pictures.

Cocktail food was kindly made by René Beauchamp, Louise’s husband. It is great to see that after many years of supporting his career, now he is supporting hers. Actually, it is thanks to René that Louise arrived to Prague in 2002. Visit René‘s blog, Rise & Spice, if you want to know how to make Parmesan Grissini, black olive bread rolls, and super tasty chocolate mini-cupcakes.

The art themed invitation was made by Marcela Janíčková from Visual Coach.

Happy summer and enjoy your networking!

Photo By: Jitka Tomečková