Opening of Amazon Corporate Office in Prague

June 20th 2015, Prague Dejvice

On June 22th, 2015, Amazon opened a Czech corporate office in Prague in building Blox right next to the metro Dejvická. In the Office finds jobs over 500 people in management and support functions. There will be highly skilled positions, especially in the field of IT and HR.

The new corporate Amazon office will be home to five departments, ie. department of HR shared services to support the European Amazon, IT department, customer service department for Europe and also facilities for employees involved in work concerning distribution centers in the Czech Republic and Poland. 

“Following the announcement of our intention to open a corporate office in Prague, we were impressed by how many Czechs are interested in job in Amazon,” said Roy Perticucci, Amazon Vice President for Europe. “In the Czech Republic there are plenty of highly qualified professionals who are open to gaining new experience in innovative technology companies like Amazon. Once again I would like to thank you for the support of the Czech government and local officials who supported us in building our presence in the country “

“I’m happy that Amazon has chosen the Czech Republic to open new offices and will create more than 500 new jobs. The new government has brought into our country’s political stability, we put an emphasis on encouraging new investors, strengthening economic growth and creating new jobs. The Czech Republic is a safe harbour for foreign investors, our goal is to further improve continually conditions for foreign investors,” said the Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. 

Amazon has rented approximately 5,800 meters square in the building Blox. Interior of the Office was drawn by the London studio Interior Architects with worldwide experience, which subsequently cooperated with Czech suppliers. Design celebrates Czech cubism and unique atmosphere of Prague. Amazon wants to attract and retain the best employees, to whom wants to offer a unique working environment. There are the flexible meeting and training rooms equipped with high technology, kitchen, cafe and recreational parts.

The Distribution center in Dobrovíz will be opened in September 2015.

Text: Renáta Lucková and Pavel Veselý
Photos: Renáta Lucková, RePaCOMPANY and Amazon Archiv