Opening Reception at Prague Art for PragArtworks

PragArtworks joined this year’s edition of the renowned international contemporary art fair Art Prague that was opened festively on April 9 and subsequently took place until April 15 at the Clam Gallas Palace in Prague. The PragArtworks booth showcased representative pieces by such artists as Pavel Roučka, Jakub Flejšar, Matěj Lipavský, Igor Korpaczewski, Natálie Roučková and David Strauzz, as well as a digital presentation of the whole PragArtworks artists’ portfolio. The event was a huge success with the visitors, and PragArtworks was delighted to receive so many outstanding visits in the course of the fair.

PragueArtworks is an international art project created by a passionate art lover and collector of high expertise Louise Beer in 2017 in order to promote a number of artists whose works stand out in the realm of contemporary art and have a strong potential to reach to a wider
audience. PragArtworks features artists from a large range of genres such as glass, sculpture, photography, collage and mixed media, no matter if figurative or abstract, and represents artists from various countries, mostly from or connected to the Central European region and the Czech Republic. While many people are interested in acquiring art, they are often not sure where to look. PragArtworks’ central mission therefore is to help anyone interested in buying first-rate quality contemporary art navigate the present-day art scene.

For more details about the project, please visit or follow the project’s Instagram or Facebook. If you like any presented piece in particular and would love to get to know more about the author behind the piece, PragArtworks will be delighted to introduce you to any of the artists they represent.