Pavel Hlinka’s Birthday Party

Pavel Hlinka celebrated his 70th birthday at the end of the last year. After a successful career in the hotel and hospitality business which spanned more than 55 years, he decided to invite his colleagues and friends to the Hotel InterContinental Prague to thank them for their cooperation and support and to let them know that as of this year he will terminate his activities in the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, in the Confederation of Commerce and Tourism as well as his activities in his own consulting company AHP Connections s.r.o. He asked his guests to refrain from bringing gifts and instead, he organized a collection for the Education Foundation of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic. This collection rendered more than 100 thousand Czech Crowns. Mr. Sanjiv Suri decided to double this sum and Pavel Hlinka then doubled the final amount. This means that the Education Foundation will receive almost 500 thousand Czech Crowns to support its activities which help young people from Children’s Homes to prepare them for their future careers and start in life.