Round Table of Comenius with Adriana Krnáčová

Discussion with Ms. Adriana Krnáčová, Mayor of Prague

April 11th 2018, Congress Centre Prague

On Wednesday April 11th, yet another traditional Round Table of Comenius discussion took place in the Prague Congress Centre. This time with the mayor of Prague as the main guest speaker. Ms. Krnáčová is historically the first woman who has obtained this significant position. She started the discussion by recapitulating some of the successes Prague has enjoyed since her election. She then continued by listing several reasons due to which she won’t be running again for this position in the upcoming October elections.

The fact that the mayor won’t be defending her position lead to a passionate open discussion. Towards the end Adriana Krnáčová expressed her gratitude to fellow colleagues who have supported her throughout her term. She then concluded by reassuring the audience that she won’t become idle for the last six months of her term, in fact she will do her best to achieve the very opposite.

This discussion event was unique due to its audience. There were 65 VIP guests attending in total, as well as several business leaders of the general public.