SAP NOW Week 2018 brought an interactive truck to Prague, showcasing the possibilities of an intelligent enterprise

SAP Czech Republic organized the SAP NOW Week 2018 conference that took place in the Prague Metronom offices from September 17–20. With the main theme of an Intelligent Enterprise the event focused on 6 major areas of IT, finance, busi- ness and marketing, logistics and manufacturing, human resources and the public sphere. Over eight hundred guests attended more than seventy presentations during the four-day conference, enjoying the opportunity to see three dozen demonstrations and simulations of business scenarios.

During the SAP NOW Week, customers and partners could also see the possibilities and impact of smart business through the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Truck that was brought to Prague for a two-day stop as part of its European tour. We had the pleasure to be in the truck for the press opening on Monday morning when Rok Magister, CTO SAP CEE, and Peter Demuth, Head of Presales SAP CZ&SK showcased several smart city scenarios starting with Guttenberg’s invention of book printing as a bridge for how technologies change our lives. As a surprise moment, Hana Součková, the newly appointed Managing Di- rector of SAP Czech Republic mirrored her phone on the screen and entered the truck, sharing local insights and her plans for the Czech market. Following the press opening, various customers as well as Czech Chamber of Commerce representatives were eager to try out the features and experience the intelligent enterprise.

„Thanks to the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Truck we showcased new technologies both from the technical and architectural point of view and enabled our customers to try these innovations directly. As they said they were inspired and learned new ways to use smart technologies for their businesses. The academic sphere representatives who visited the truck also appreci- ated the practical side and the possibility of connection to their development and research programs, resulting in a road- show around the Czech Republic,” commented Hana Součková.

The fourteen-wheeler mobile lab was situated at the Eden Arena and offered a 360-degree experience with a touchpad, voice control and live demonstrations. This allowed the visitors to easily understand how technologies such as blockchain, IoT and machine learning can help businesses to become an intelligent enterprise.

There were also practical workshops dedicated to SAP Fiori interface lead by the SAP Labs Czech Republic development team, as well as demo versions of various SAP solutions.

In addition to Czech experts on IT, finance, human resources, marketing, industry and other industries, international guests includ- ing Dagmar Zoder, Head of SAP Cloud Platform SAP MEE, Philipp Zielke, Chief Financial Officer SAP CEE, Mark de Bruijn, Senior Director & Head of EMEA Marketing SAP, and many more shared their knowledge with the Czech customers and partners.