Czech manager Renata Mrázová, who is currently the Chief People Officer at the Home Credit Company, accepted the award for diversity and inclusion, the so-called Diversity Award, on Thursday at Obecní dům. This important award is presented every year by Mickey Matthews, International Chairman of Stanton Chase Company, which is active in searching for executives.

According to the Stanton Chase, diversity is rooted in universalization of the system, in other words in globalisation, which has paradoxically increased pressure on diversity. Searching for a single currency or universal language creates the need to form diverse teams consisting of people from various cultures and generations, and of various genders. “As a result the teams are better, higher-performing and more stable, and companies are able to offer equal opportunities to everyone without difference”, says Jozef Papp, Managing Partner, Stanton Chase Prague.

During a Client Reception evening, Stanton Chase celebrated the tenth anniversary of its entry onto the Czech and Slovak markets. Despite the relatively short period of the company’s activities here, it has managed to become a leader in the field in the Czech Republic, and over 250 clients have used its services.