THE PULSE LECTURE AT UNYP – The Czech Economy in a Central European and International Context

Ing. Miroslav Singer, Ph.D., the third Governor of the Czech National Bank, presented a lecture on “The Czech Economy in a Central European and International Context” to an audience of UNYP students and guests.

Miroslav Singer is one of the most distinguished Czech economists of our time. Dr. Singer was the Governor of Czech National Bank from 2010 until 2016. From early 2017, Dr. Singer served as the Director of Institutional Relations and Chief Economist at Generali CEE Holding, and he became a member of the Executive Committee of Generali CEE Holding in January 2018.

During the lecture, Dr. Singer shared his views on some critical political and economic issues, evaluating the new global political uncertainty and its effects on the European economy. He also focused on the results of the European parliamentary elections, and raised the question of whether the rift within the European Union is the primary source of this uncertainty. Dr. Singer analyzed the current stage of the global economic cycle and concluded his lecture with an in-depth discussion of the Czech economy.