Trump’s World View – will the Czech Republic have a role? 

The Prague Society and Global Panel Foundation reintroduced “The Policy Dialogues” begun in 2001 with different universities at the University of New York Prague (UNYP) on March 8, 2017. On this occasion, Ambassador Hynek Kmoníček, Foreign Policy Advisor to Miloš Zeman , President of the Czech Republic and designated Ambassador to the United States, was the featured speaker in a filled auditorium. A lively debate ensued between students, guests and numerous Ambassadors who were present.

The Panel was moderated by Dean Oscar Hidalgo-Redondo of UNYP and Marc S, Ellenbogen. An open reception was held with students and guests at the end – where intense discussions continued.

The essence — as perceived by the audience — the Czech republic could have a role as an interlocutor, a mediator, between the US, Europe and other countries — a role it played in the days of Václav Havel and previously during the days of Czechoslovakia.