“A big leap forward” for Czech design as Klimchi glassware appears in Barbie

Photo: Radek Petrášek, ČTK

If you’re planning to watch the Barbie film, you might be surprised to learn that the drinks and pitchers in the Barbie bar were designed by Czech glassware company Klimchi. I spoke with CEO Lukáš Klimčák on what this feature in one of the summer’s biggest films means for his company, and for the reputation of Czech design.

“Last year we were approached by the production department of Warner Brothers in May with a request to dress a set in their movie that was coming out. Obviously we were interested in what movie it was, and they told us that it was the Barbie movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

“Of course we were really excited about it at the time, but we didn’t know it was going to be so big and how much hype there would be around it.

“We then started to choose with the Warner Brothers production team the perfect shade of pink from our Rosaline colour theme collection. At the end we picked the designs from this collection and got it delivered to the studios near London.”

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt