A Czech Heaven in Bali

“Not investing means automatically accepting the certainty of a gradual loss of value for money. Not investing is a big investment mistake.”

-Warren Buffet

Why do so many of us have poor approaches toward investment?

There may be a few convincing cases where most investors try to time the market by always buying when the market is up, which seems safe at the time. This is an unrealistic idea though, which often results in panic-selling due to the fear of prices fluctuating, causing people to overreact and sell to try and prevent further losses. More successful investors, however, often seek profitable investments with a “Buy Low and Sell High” strategy.

Looking for innovative opportunities in the world came at the right time for three investors from the Czech Republic, who chose the Indonesia Island of Bali as their investment destination. It is no coincidence that the whole of Indonesia is experiencing exponential economic growth and that Bali‘s tropical beauty and colourful culture have become the island’s pearl. Billions of dollars are pumped into the beautiful island every year, and there is no sign of this slowing down. Bali remains a top tourist destination with repressed demand and an expected, strong tourism scene, and investors are standing by for a market uproar. With the island remaining resilient throughout the pandemic, the time to buy is approaching.

DETIGA, which means “Three Ds” in Indonesian – David Pátek, Daniel Kriso, and David Kvasnička – are now opening the very first resort in the Karangasem region, named NEANO ESCAPE. This area was not selected by chance, but by strategic agreements. Go- vernmental investment in the first white beaches in the Maldives created the luxurious “Bali Dream” for the most demanding clients. Czech investors (DETIGA) are now adding a unique business opportunity for this new resort, which contains 54 luxury villas with some of the most scenic views in all of Bali.

Daniel Kriso, a partner at DETIGA

Stunning beaches, rocky cliffs, impressive waterfalls, mountain lakes, and infinite ocean views, are all ideal for activities like hiking, sailing, and sunbathing. Bali possesses many beautiful natural aspects as part of both its island and culture, which makes it stand out from the whole of Indonesia, and even more so from the rest of the world.

Text: Daniel Kriso

Photo: Archive