AI recreates voice of Czech literary great Karel Čapek

Photo: Natalie Máchová, Czech Radio

The great Czech novelist, playwright, journalist and travel writer Karel Čapek, is world famous for his R.U.R. or The War with the Newts, but even his biggest fans are not familiar with the sound of his voice. Thanks to a new app made in cooperation with Czech Radio that is now possible.

Czechs are first introduced to the works of the great Czech novelist and story writer Karel Čapek through the popular children’s book Dashenka or the Life of a Puppy, first published in 1933. Later they discover Krakatit, The War with the Newts, The Insect Play and Tales from Two Pockets. But even people who know his works inside out would be hard put to bring to mind the sound of his voice.

The Karel Čapek Memorial in Stará Hut near Dobříš has now made that possible with a new interactive app created with the help of artificial intelligence and Czech Radio.

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Authors: Daniela Lazarová, Natalie Máchová, Source:Český rozhlas