Amanita Design’s Phonopolis game wins prestigious prize in San Francisco

Photo: Amanita Design

The Czech independent studio Amanita Design has won the award for Excellence in Visual Art at the prestigious San Francisco Independent Games Festival for their new game Phonopolis. The hand-crafted adventure, set in a dystopian city made of cardboard, was inspired by George Orwell’s 1984. I discussed it with Amanita’s producer Lukáš Kunce and I first asked him about the inspiration behind the game:

“The inspiration for Phonopolis for the artists and the creative team behind the game comes mainly from the interwar artistic movements, like Constructivism, Futurism and Suprematism, as well as the entire Avant-Garde movement. It can not only be seen in the visuals but it can also be heard in the music by Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex, as well as in the sound design.

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Author: Ruth Fraňková