Ambassador Sabet: Treaty in no way authorises permanent US troops on Czech soil

Earlier this week, Czechia and the United States signed a Defence Cooperation Agreement in Washington. The treaty creates a legal framework for the possible deployment of US soldiers on Czech territory, though officials on both sides insist it does not pave the way for a permanent American base. The American ambassador to Prague, Bijan Sabet, who arrived in the city early this year, discussed the DCA – and more – with Czech Radio journalist Jan Bumba.

If I may start with the Defence Cooperation Agreement that was signed at the Pentagon by the ministers of defence and the USA and the Czech Republic, it’s described as a very important step by the politicians. How important is it, in your opinion?

“It is a symbol of our cooperation and joint defence.

“We’re pleased to have this agreement signed and of course the next step is ratification by the Czech Parliament.

“So it’s a very important milestone for our two countries.”

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Authors: Jan Bumba, Ian Willoughby