An end to unlimited egg and sperm donation?

At the moment, there is no limit in Czechia to the amount of times somebody can donate their egg and sperm cells for assisted reproduction. But the government wants to change that with a centralised register of donors that they hope will stop overzealous individuals and inadvertent inbreeding.

Many were shocked by the recent fertility scandal that rocked the Netherlands: the case of Jonathan M, a 41-year-old man suspected of fathering more than 550 children through sperm donations. He was taken to court by a foundation protecting the rights of donor children and was ordered to stop donating.

But, it turns out, there is nothing to prevent a similar situation happening in Czechia. At the moment, there is no upper limit to the amount of times a person can donate egg or sperm cells, and no records are kept of previous donations. Moreover, clinics are under no obligation to share any information about donors with each other.

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Authors: Anna Fodor, Vít Kubant,