Archirun to spotlight 100th anniversary of Czech architect Karel Prager’s birth

Photo: CAMP

The Centre for Metropolitan Planning (CAMP) in Prague is hosting their first annual Archirun, an event spotlighting the iconic architectural work of Karel Prager who was born 100 years ago. The run will take joggers on a tour across the city, where they will stop at the buildings Prager designed to learn about their history, which at times is seen as controversial. I spoke with Štěpán Bärtl, head of CAMP, about what’s in store for Saturday, and why we should remember the work of Prager.

“Prager is one of the most famous architects of the 20th century. The reason why CAMP is remembering him and pushing this topic is because CAMP itself is housed in one of his lesser famous buildings called the Prager’s Cubes. We not only wanted to remember that, but also the other important buildings within the centre of Prague, and combine it with running. We came up with this idea to do a run through all the famous buildings by Karel Prager.”

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt