Artist creates stunning 3D portrait of Václav Havel

Photo: Barbora Navrátilová, Radio Prague International

Visitors to Prague Airport can now see a large and quite stunning 3D portrait of Václav Havel comprised of items associated with him and the Velvet Revolution he led. These include keys, typewriters and even a barrel of beer.

The anamorphic work is by Czech artist Patrik Proško, who has made similar objects in the past capturing the likenesses of Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvořák, Tomáš Baťa and Nikola Tesla.

He used thousands of items to create a highly recognizable image of dissident turned president Havel – if the whole is seen from a certain angle.

Objects such as a sign for Prague’s Národní Street, model yellow and white pre-1989 police cars, dial telephones, vinyl records and recording equipment are among those included on an area of roughly six by six metres.

Proško says it took him four months to put the whole thing together.

The portrait of Václav Havel should be in place at Terminal 2 at Prague’s Václav Havel Airport for at least a year.

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Author: Ian Willoughby