Beskids – Czechia’s largest protected landscape marks 50 years of existence

The Beskids or Beskid Mountains were named a protected landscape on March 5, 1973. They are the last living mountain range in Czechia, according to the area’s director.

The brown bear, the common wolf, the Carpathian newt, the banded vulture and the white-tailed eagle are among the many animals you will find nowhere else in Czechia but in the Beskid Mountains. Other rare animals also include the Eurasian lynx, the river otter, the mountain vole, the capercaillie, the white-backed woodpecker, the black stork, the grebe, the field rattlesnake or the common viper. One of the reasons behind this rich set of local fauna is that the Beskids have a very specific forest composition, containing not just spruces, but also beech trees, firs and hollyhocks.

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