Best of Retail Summit 2016


Retail Summit 2016 has showed the need to do promotions otherwise, significantly more effective.


Retail Summit 2016 in 3 minutes:


Globus on the future of retailing in CR

Joerg Bauer, Managing Director of Globus, comments the current state of the Czech market, where Czech customers became European champions in discount promotions shopping.




Fun as a reward for shopping

Manfred Litschka, regional Sales Director TCC, speaks about non-price promotions as an alternative to the trap of price discounts.



Retail in Detail will focus on the hot topic of promotions

Retail Summit organizers have finished the program of the specialized Retail in Detail conference to be held on April 6th, 2016 as a platform for finding ways out of the promotional trap. For Early Birds price, register till April 4th.

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