Bohuslav Svoboda becomes Prague mayor for second time at 79

Photo: Michaela Říhová, ČTK

Prague got a new lord mayor on Thursday, with Bohuslav Svoboda starting his second term as head of the city council. Critics question whether the Civic Democrat, who is 79, will be able to devote all his energies to the role, given his other positions.

Nearly five months after elections in Prague, representatives of the three-party Together alliance, the Pirates and the Mayors inked a coalition deal this week formally established a city government on Thursday.

Together comprises the Civic Democrats, TOP 09 and the Christian Democrats, with the city’s new lord mayor coming from the ranks of the first mentioned.

Bohuslav Svoboda is extremely familiar to Praguers, after a previous stint as head of the city council, from 2010 to 2013.

The Civic Democrat politician turned 79 this month, making him the city’s oldest lord mayor since 1989.

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Author: Ian Willoughby