Bonus money and an extra month of a paid leave for parents. Nestlé introduces its new employee benefits

Employers are increasingly providing more benefits for their employees, ranging from a various sports discounts for all family members to “flexi days”. Nestlé is the same. In January 2022, the company has expanded its portfolio of benefits for new parents with a financial support and a longer paid leave.

“At Nestlé, we want a better life and future for everybody. With the new employee benefits we would like to support all parents who welcome the newest additions to their families. We care about our employees and want to support them during various life changes,” says Zdeňka Matoušková, HR Director for Nestlé Czech Republic and Slovakia, adding: “I am pleased that Nestlé in the Czech Republic and Slovakia shows new possibilities in employee care.”

Support for both caregivers

For employees on maternity or parental leave, Nestlé will pay the difference between the maternity allowance leave pay and the gross wage for the first 18 weeks. The employee that does not stay at home with the child after the birth and returns to work will be provided with additional 4 weeks of paid leave.

A useful guide for future parents

In addition to the financial support, the company also offers other benefits to support its parent employees, such as the opportunity to work flexibly during parental leave or a practical guide for both new and experienced parents. This guide contains everything they need to know to manage this major life change as smoothly and simply as possible, without the need of any complicated research. Furthermore, parents will receive a monthly allowance for childhood nutrition.