Charity event turns Halloween from US import into intercultural success

Halloween often has the reputation of being an imported US holiday in Czechia, but long-term Prague resident Dinah Spritzer wanted to find a way for her half-Czech kids to be able to enjoy trick-or-treating – so she got the idea of making it about more than just children getting candy and joined forces with a Czech charity. The event has since grown from 53 kids taking part seven years ago and raising CZK 14 000 to an expected 1200 – 1300 people participating this year, with Dinah hoping to raise at least CZK 200 000. I spoke to Dinah at her home in Prague‘s Vinohrady district to find out more.

Trick or treat for charity is just what it sounds like – kids go trick-or-treating in the neighbourhoods of Žižkov, Vínohrady and Vršovice. The difference between this and the typical American trick-or-treat where you just get candy is that this is also about giving. The charity that we give to is SOS Children’s Villages. They’re quite special because they are the only charity in the Czech Republic and one of the only ones in Europe that provides and builds housing for foster families so that siblings can stay together when they’re being taken care of by foster families. In addition, they provide social, psychological and financial support for neglected children.”

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Author: Anna Fodor