Chess players in Prague have their own café in Karlín

Photo: Zdeněk Rerych, Gambit Cafe

If you’ve spent a day or two in Prague, you’ll know that the city is dotted with cafes, from the small and cozy places offering good coffee and traditional Czech desserts to the luxury cafes in Prague’s historic city center usually frequented by tourists. But, increasingly clients want more than just good coffee and so some Prague coffee houses are offering a special program to go with it.

For those looking for more than just a cup of good coffee there is a wide variety of cafes to choose from in Prague. One where you are served by a robotic arm, another where your image is printed onto the foam of your cappuccino, a café where your order arrives on a model train or one which offers a wall of roses for selfie-lovers.

There are several where you can play board games but there is only one coffee house in Prague reserved for lovers of chess and you will find it in the trendy district of Karlín.

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Authors: Daniela Lazarová, Václav Müller, Source:Český rozhlas