Cigarette butts could help clean water from birth control hormones

Cigarette butts, one of the most hated types of street debris, could actually be useful. A team of scientists from the Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín, say that they have developed a method of using cigarette butts to catch hormones in wastewater.

Whether it be on the pavement, in parks or even in the sea, cigarette butts can be found almost anywhere. Aesthetically displeasing and difficult to clean up, it is hard to find anyone who would appreciate this smokers trail. But that didn’t stop a team of scientists at Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín from trying to find a way to redeem this type of refuse. Dušan Kimmer, a researcher at the university’s Faculty of Technology, explains.

“We found out that cigarette butts are the third most common type of waste found in the world’s oceans. It’s also a problem on land, of course. We asked ourselves the question: What can be done with this? And so we tried recycling them and making something useful out of them.”

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Authors: Thomas McEnchroe, Roman Verner