Classical music bedtime stories for kids with Czech connection

Hannah Nepilová is a British classical music journalist with Czech roots who has written for Gramophone, The Times, and BBC Music Magazine, among many other well-known publications. Her passion for classical music is something she wants to pass on to the next generation and so began a side project – putting together bedtime stories for children which are narrated and accompanied by pieces of classical music. Her latest, The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, is set to music by Janáček – and she is planning more editions with Czech music or stories. I started by asking her where she got the idea for classical music bedtime stories from in the first place.

“After I had my first child, my son Joshua, which was four years ago now, I thought I’d quite like to do something on maternity leave. I began mixing together music with fairy-tales and put on a few live performances where I chose a fairy-tale or a classic children’s story and found pieces of classical music to insert at different points in it.

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Author: Anna Fodor