Clay Sculptures: Terracotas by 15th⁠–⁠19th Century Italian Masters

Clay Sculptures: Terracotas by 15th⁠–⁠19th Century Italian Masters in the Collection of the National Gallery Prague organised by the National Gallery Prague in collaboration with the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague and the Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

This small exhibition will offer visitors insight into the research methods used for the analysis of works of art not only from the artistic and historical points of view, but also from the perspective of natural sciences. The exhibition’s attractive format will be instrumental in revealing the benefits of the interdisciplinary collaboration among art historians, restorers, natural scientists, and specialists from the University of Chemistry and Technology. Only thanks to their joint work, and with the help of technology and the latest non-invasive analyses, can visitors look beneath the surface of artworks, learn the essence of material analysis processes, and especially discover the contribution of research to restoration and day-to-day care of cultural heritage. The theme of the exhibition responds to the long-term interest of permanent exhibition visitors in exact research and the methods of art restoration. The project will present the collaboration of researchers in humanities and natural scientists as well as their joint results.

Curator: Olga Kotková